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Find prospect email information and make the outreach personalised

Find accurate emails for quick results

Let Linkee scan your prospects websites and find the contact details for your outreach:
Company name
Recipient name
Recipient’s job title
If you want more than the contact details from website Linkee offers you to get additional emails through our built-in integrations.

Verify email addresses in real-time

Choose which emails you want to outreach to and verify email addresses with Linkee’s AI algorithm to ensure proper deliverability.

Bulk Email Verification

When you're conducting outreach campaigns to a large number of contacts,  Linkee offers the option to verify emails in bulk. This means you can upload a large list of email addresses to the platform, and Linkee will check each email address for validity.

What user say about us

“The best all-in-one link building platform” is essential for managing multiple clients, enhancing our link profiles with precision and ease.
Maria Harutyunyan
Head of SEO, Loopex Digital

“The tool automates the entire outreach process” simplified our outreach, improving our efficiency and success rates in securing quality backlinks.
Julius Urbanavicius
Co-Founder Enflow Digital

“Outstanding customer service”

They're always ready to help and typically resolve any issues I have in no time at all!
Isobelle Suarez

Linkee manages your whole
Link-building process

Finding prospects
Find  relevant prospect links instantly and have them ready to vet
Vetting prospect list
Preview your prospects and quickly analyze them for outreach
Instantly find and verify contact information of your prospects
Conducting outreach
Automate the outreach process and forget about landing in spam folder
Outreach analytics
Get all the necessary analytics data to increase reply rate of your campaigns