Maximize your leads by sending personalized emails

Linkee ensures timely and personalized communication with your prospects
Send personalised emails with custom parameters
Automate outreach Follow Ups
Connect Unlimited email accounts
Send a campaign from multiple email accounts
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Increase reply rate of your outreach with email personalization

Personalize emails with Additional Business Info
Add business information gathered by our scrapers: company name, recipient name and job title to make your email more personalized
Use Custom Fields in your outreach to help you write more targeted messages

Mimic the human behavior with our email scheduling

Get all the necessary SEO metrics for quick prospect vetting, such as DR and Traffic. Easily filter prospects by:
Minimize the risk of landing in spam with Linkee’s email scheduling that distributes emails over time like a real person
Schedule your outreach emails according to your preferred dates or timing for personalized and strategic communication
Automatically distribute your campaign among multiple email accounts to increase your daily sending limits

Get perfect email deliverability optimization

Find and verify large number of email addresses in real time with Linkee tools
Remove spammy and blacklisted emails that could impact your deliverability
Use Linkees tested email templates to avoid spam filters for extensive HTML usage

Easily connect your emails to your preferred email providers

Conduct outreach through Linkee integrations with:

Manage your contacts effectively with Linkee

Remove prospects from your contact list who have unsubscribed from your emails automatically
Remove duplicated contacts across your campaigns within the same project
Add contacts to a stop list, to remove the prospects who you don’t want to reach out again

Get email analytics for better outreach performance

Track metrics such as opens, replies, and clicks to understand the effectiveness of your campaigns and make informed decisions.